domingo, março 26, 2006

Triste fim de um epidemiologista

(NY Times, 21/3/06)
"Richard K. Root, a prominent American epidemiologist and medical educator, was reported killed on Sunday when a crocodile pulled him into a river while he was on a guided safari tour in Botswana, in southern Africa. He was 68 and lived in Seattle.
Dr. Harvey M. Friedman, chief of infectious diseases and director of the visiting program at the University of Pennsylvania, announced the death yesterday. Citing reports from the scene, Dr. Friedman said Dr. Root was riding in a canoe in the Tuli Nature Reserve, on the eastern border with Zimbabwe, when he was attacked by the crocodile. His wife, Rita, was in another canoe behind and witnessed the attack, Dr. Friedman said."

Definitivamente algo com que um epidemiologista não contaria. O acaso sempre vence no final.

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Nina disse...

bah... que trash!!!

Nina disse...

eu já te disse que cansei de ler esse post...
vamos tirar a poeira disso aqui!!!